Explore and RE-Live one of the most famous cattle trails...

The Chisholm TRAIL


come visit our art gallery of the chisholm trail in Minco Oklahoma on the Chisholm trail!

WHAT is YOUR TOWN doing to get ready for the BIG event!.... it's coming!... 2017 the 150th anniversay of the CHISHOLM TRAIL.. you don't want to miss out this grand event all across the trail. From Texas to  Kansas.... .. go to www.CT150.com for more info on what you can do to get your town ready!

Welcome to the Jesse Chisholm Scholarship Foundation Project

Keeping the Trail Alive Through Education and Imagination!

From the first week that D.L. started shooting photos of the 450 cattle trailing through the towns that were close to the original Chisholm Trail path she knew this had to be preserved some where, some how. Recapturing the events of over 100 years ago, the Centennial Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive was the only drive that commemorated Chisholm's trail and succeeded at it!..

The education that the drive presented to so many people of all ages was priceless. While schools in each town let their students out to see this once of a lifetime event, others came just to remember and reminisces the time where they were when 'their grand father or great grandfather' took their 'herd to town'. While watching and listening to the inspiring stories while following Along the Trail, no one  was ever short of a word of encouragement or a great 'true' story of who they remembered the time 'when' and spoke to the drovers and wagon drivers. You could hear clapping and 'yee haw' down the road while people lined up and down the sidewalks and came out of their businesses to say 'thanks'. Some knowing they would never see this again even though they remembered seeing it when they were younger. It was like reliving their past for a moment.

These are a few of the reasons D.L. has created the JESSE CHISHOLM SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION.. We don't only want to continue the education of the cattle drive, the life of the cowboy but we want to ue our imagination of how we can continue the EDUCATION for those pursuing thier careers in the AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY. We want to contineu to keep finding ways how we can keep our agricultural businesses and farms alive and working. To do this our future farmers, ranchers, veterinarians, business owners need help getting there.

If you are interested in more information on the Jesse Chisholm Scholarship Foundation, just email us and we will send you a packet and information of how you can help keep our great legacy of cowboys and country in America and you will be keeping our trails alive through Education and Imagination!


To Continue our dream we have to imagine, plan, determine and DO!


“Agriculture is not only vitally important to the growth and development of our country , it is an asset.” 

                                                                         Summer C.  OSU CASNAR 

 $2500 OSU scholarship recipient 2011 


"THANK YOU FOR KEEPING what my Grt. Grt. Grandfather

Jesse Chisholm spent his life doing,

helping others.'  Jesse Chisholm IV















                                                                                  OUR MISSION
    • We desire for the JCSF to be the best scholarship foundation in the nation.
    • We will respecfully and earnestly raise and disperse the funds to support our present and future ranchers, farmers, teachers, leaders in the Western lifestyle and agricultural industry.
    • We want keep our teachers, leaders and students on the cutting edge of their professions so that the homesteads of American Western andAgricultural community can thrive through many more generations.
    • To preserve the Western lifestyle and history that the Agricultural industry built for us to enjoy and to Keep the Trail Alive through the Education and Imagination of these leaders!
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See a Documentary of the Entire Trail Drive with songs by R.W. Hampton
Available for purchase through the Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive Association